Welcome to Sangenjaya Church:
United Church of Christ in Japan

You may think that only people who are serious, strict in their morals, and devout go to church, but that is not true.

“I can’t help being self-centered”
“My faith is very fragile.”
“I did something regrettable again today.”

Honestly, this is how we church members feel in our daily lives. The Bible reminds us of that, too: there is no one who does good, no, not one. [Psalm 53:3]

People who are gathered at church recognize human sinfulness as it was revealed in the crucifying of Jesus Christ, son of God. Still, we believe that we can move forward and live as our sins are forgiven by God’s grace and mercy. In God’s forgiveness, we find joy and we can live our daily lives by giving praise and thanks to God in our prayers.

Thus, we find a solid hope which is not shaken by what happens in this world.

Please be assured that no one will ever be forced to believe anything against one’s will. Freedom for faith is always most respected at our church. God’s word lets our soul be free; God’s word brings us true freedom in which we live.

We would like you to meet our church members who live in this manner on the earth. Most of all, we would like you to encounter Lord Jesus Christ, who is always watching over us. We are looking forward to having you at our Sunday service.

We don’t have a simultaneous translator. However, if you request in advance, we are very willing to have one of the church members who used to live in English-speaking countries and sit next to you. He/she will be able to briefly explain to you what is going on in English.

Rev. Fusashi Ito
Sangenjaya Church
United Church of Christ in Japan

For people who are interested in Sunday School:

Class for Toddler/Pre-school/Kindergarten

Class for Toddler/Pre-school/Kindergarten

This class is offered for children of ages 1 to 6(before elementary school).

Even children who are anxious to leave their mothers and fathers join other children before they know it. Participants eagerly enjoy listening to stories, happily watching picture-story shows, and participating in exciting pageants.

Class for elementary school children

Children have a Bible lesson, both the Old and the New Testaments. After the service, they are divided into groups in which they craft, play Karuta games, and make picture books. They learn to have a caring heart and to give back to the community through activities that include visiting fire and police stations on ‘Flower Day’, making carnation flower arrangement for ‘Mother’s Day’, making presents for ‘Respect-for-the-Aged Day’.

Hand bell Choir

Everyone is welcome to join this group. Handbell’s beautiful ringing is called ‘Angle’s voice’. Our group belongs to Handbell Ringers of Japan. We have participated regularly in the Kanto area concert, which has been held every spring for the last 13 years. We also play on Advent Sunday services before Christmas.

If you are interested in joining our Choir:


This is a voluntary choral group comprised of church members. We mainly perform once a month at Sunday services. In addition, we sing at weddings and funerals as well as at our various volunteer events.

About us:

Profile of the minister

Rev. Fusashi Ito was born in Tokyo in 1966. He resided in Sendai from the third to the twelfth grade. He attended Tohoku Gakuin High School and subsequently studied at International Christian University. After completing his degree, he taught Japanese at Payap University of Church of Christ Thailand (located in Chiang Mai).

Upon returning to Japan, he earned a MA in Public Administration from International Christian University. He then participated for the overseas and medical projects at Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (currently AMDA) and joined Research Institute for Peace and Security as a research scholar. In 2006, he completed a graduate program at Tokyo Union Theological Seminary. After he served as a preacher and an associate minister at Fujimicho Church under United Church of Christ in Japan, he was called by Sangenjaya Church.

Our history

In October 1951, Rev. Takashi Oku started preaching at his own home, and that was the beginning of Sangenjaya Church of United Church of Christ in Japan. The following year, the original group became affiliated with United Church of Christ in Japan and grew into a Category church, which holds more than 50 church members. At the same time, Sangenjaya Church was officially recognized as a religious institution by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

In 1996, as Rev. Takashi Oku passed away, the church did not have a permanent minister for two years. In 1998, Rev. Atsuo Jinouchi was called to our church. He once was a member of church in 1955 while he was a seminarian. In 2000, the church was able to have its own rectory in the neighborhood. In 2002, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the foundation. In the spring of 2010, as Rev. Atsuo Jinouchi retired, Rev. Fusashi Ito has since joined us. We have 307 church members as of December 31, 2009.